Goclear Transparent Burglar Bars,
(Polycarbonate Burglar Bar, Clear View Burglar Bars)

Transparent Burglar Bars, Clear View Burglar Bars, Polycarbonate Burglar Bar, perspex burglar barsLooks like Perspex, yet simple, low-tech, and relatively inexpensive, Clear View Security Bars, Polycarbonate Burglar Bars on windows are a highly effective home-security strategy.

  • Goclear Security Bars super strong  Polycarbonate Burglar Bar strips
  • Clear View Security Bars are screwed or bolted through window frames to the structural framing
  • Elegant protection solution for your property that is attractive 
  • Offering the same protection as Iron Security Bars with an Aesthetic Value, security bars are Rust and Maintenance Free
  • Ideal for coastal conditions

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With Goclear Polycarbonate Burglar Bars – You feel secure in an attractive environment 

  • The Polycarbonate Material has a 10 Year Weathering Warranty
  • Manufactured with a UV Protective Layer on both sides of the security bar.
  • Clear View Burglar Bars can be mounted to any window type by means of stainless steel rivets or one-way Stainless Steel Screws
  • Plastic Caps are placed over the rivets for a professional finish
  • Goclear Security Bar is a fit for every home
  • Our Clear View Burglar Bars have the following dimensions: 6mm X 33mm

Strength of Transparent Burglar Bars:

Transparent Burglar Bars are made from Polycarbonate that has 3000kg tensile impact resistance, making it stronger than steel. You can cut through Clear View Burglar Bars with a hacksaw or angle grinder, however, it will take longer than the time to cut through steel. Polycarbonate is used in high demand applications as outlined below:
  • Police Riot Shields
  • Cockpits
  • High-Speed Trains
  • Bullet Proof Applications
  • Formula One Cars