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Wooden Venetian Blinds 

Real Wooden Venetian blinds, made from the finest Bass wood, are a natural and beautiful window covering solution and will enhance the décor of any home or office.

Wooden Venetian Blinds offer classic styling and natural beauty, and we use aluminium in the Head & Bottom rails for improved quality which eliminates corrosion in most weather conditions and increases lifespan.

  • The natural characteristic of wood lends itself to variations in colour, grain and texture
  • Real wooden blinds are not guaranteed against a natural tendency to warp if used in humid or wet areas and care must be taken not to install them in areas where ventilation is poor
  • Blinds kept in a retracted position when windows are fully open near the sea and will be protected from the build-up of salty deposits more easily
  • When cleaning, other than normal regular dusting, gently wipe the slats with a soft cloth and furniture polish. The blind should be completely dry before being pulled up
  • Never clean a wooden blind with thinners based solvents as these could remove the varnish on the slats and cause irreparable damage
  • Our blinds are supplied with colour coordinated strings and accessories
  • The head rail is supplied with a wooden valance which further enhances the blind
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds do not totally blackout light. Blinds close sufficiently to ensure privacy but will allow some light into the room
  • Blinds that are unusually long may not close snugly at the bottom
  • Slats must be tilted to the open horizontal position before being retracted
  • As dye lots vary it is advisable to order all the blinds for a room at the same time
  • Even though treated with UV protection wooden blinds may fade over a period of time especially on darker colours
  • Blinds damaged by incorrect handling and maintenance will not be covered by the guarantee

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