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Frequently asked Questions about GoClear products

Do I get a warranty on my clear security bars?
Yes you get a 10 year Manufactures guarantee on the clear security bars

What are my clear bars made off?
Clearbars are made of super strong polycarbonate.

Do clear bars scratch easily?
All Polycarbonate material can scratch so care must be taken when cleaning

How do I clean my clear bars?
Soft microfiber cloth or with water mixed with a mild detergent /dishwashing liquid.

How strong are my clear bars?
Tensile breaking strength of 3000kg. Used for the manufacturing of fighter jet cockpit screens and also bulletproof windows

Is there any maintenance involved?
Only the occasional wipe with a microfiber cloth or a mild detergent

Can my clear bar rust?
Clear Bars are made out of Polycarbonate and as such will never rust so it is perfect for coastal areas. Unlike standard burglar bars, they will never need painting nor rust treatment. Clear Bars thus offer more a clearer view with the added benefit of less maintenance cost.

Can my clear bars be cut with a saw?
Yes, but the clear bars will have to be cut at two areas of the bar to gain entry due to its natural ability to bend back in place. This will take double the time to cut through the clear bar than the aluminium or metal bar which can be bent open and will hold its position.

Are my clear bars UV protected?
Yes, with a UV protected coating on both sides to prevent yellowing over time.

Can clear bars be fitted to any window?
Yes most windows Metal, Aluminium and Wood. When the window width is more than 1 meter when recommend placing a vertical strip for support.

To clean an aluminium blind thoroughly:

  • Remove the blinds from the window, secure it on a washing line and rinse with car wash and wax liquid. Wait for the blind to dry then clip back into place. Do not pull the blind up whilst it is still wet
  • Slats can also be wiped down with a damp cloth on a regular basis
  • Silver, gold, pure aluminium and exotic coloured slats are not recommended for coastal or damp areas and the warranty does not cover them in these conditions
  • Blinds damaged due to incorrect handling are not covered by the guarantee