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Vertical Blinds

Goclear offers a wide range of Vertical Blinds, with a number of colours, patterns, and textures to chose from. 

  • Vertical blinds are a practical and economical solution for just about any application. They are affordable and attractive and come in a wide range of colours
  • The blinds can be partially opened or closed for light control
  • Vertical blinds are also available in block-out fabrics
  • Fabrics are made up of 100% polyester finished with an acrylic coating. The range of fabrics comprises of plain knitted fabrics and modern international designs in woven jacquards
  • We provide two slat widths, 127mm (standard width) and 90mm
  • White powder-coated aluminium is used for the head rails
  • The vanes are stabilized with plastic ballast weights at the bottom of each vane which is linked with stabilizing chain. The blind is operated by a plastic control chain and cord with a weight enclosed in a white plastic holder
  • Care must be taken to protect the vanes from wind damage
  • Darker colours may have varying degrees of fading depending on the quality of fabric.

Vertical Blinds Photo Gallery