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Goclear Insect Screens

Insect Screens are typically used to keep out bugs of any kind. Our screens are available for any door or window style. 

Local is lekker, and our products are manufactured locally, and tailored to fit any type of opening. We cater for various types of door or window requirements such as Hinge, Slide and Folding.

The high calibre design of our mesh is built with premium quality materials, each screen is PVC Coated and has UV Protection. 

The insect screens allow the natural flow of fresh air while keeping pests out.

In addition to providing protection against insects, we offer security screens as well.

Goclear Screens have been designed with a unique cornering system that is built with premium quality materials to ensure the best quality insect screen
in South Africa. The design has no moving parts.

Each Insect Screen comes standard with a Weather strip, magnets and door handles are included. We also offer unique customisation for Pet Flaps, or, automatic door closers are optional.

Goclear Insect Screen Photo Gallery