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Trojan Security Gate

Trojan Security GateGoclear is an Accredited installer and supplier of Trojan Security Gates. Security Gates are used by many businesses and homeowners. However, Trojan Security Gates have a number of unique security features:

  • The Security Gate is Armed by any security alarm system 24/7
  • The Polycarbonate Bars are 8mm (average bars are only 6mm)
  • Trojan Gates have an Anti-Tamper Protection
  • Booby Trapped Gate Structure (The alarm wires run in the bar, AluRail and Steel Frame. Should an intruder try to gain entry through the gate, the wires will break and sound the alarm).
  • Internal Active Sound bomb protection. (If the gate is not connected to an alarm system, there is a sound device that will alert the resident to a potential intruder if the gate is tampered with).
  • These Security Gates can be connected to an external alarm system, including wireless
  • Magnetic Door Contact protection
  • LED Warning Light to alert potential intruders that the Gates are alarmed

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Goclear is a Certified Installer and supplier of Viewprotect.

Trojan Gates can be used as swing gates and sliding gates as required for the premises. The LED light inside the gate glows to show that the gates are Armed and provide 24/7 alarmed security.